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June 30, 2022

Introducing…Teckro’s New Director of Oncology Strategy Jenn Weinberg

      Jenn Weinberg

      Jenn Weinberg

      Industry Expert & Oncology Strategist


    This week Jenn Weinberg joins us on the podcast. Jenn brings a wealth of experience working at industry giants including Novartis and GSK and now is rolling up her sleeves at Teckro on a mission to simplify oncology clinical trials. In our discussion, Jenn explains how she accidentally ended up working in oncology and recounts a patient conversation that continues to give her purpose. 

    "I'm looking forward to seeing Teckro embedded in earlier stages of oncology trials to simplify the lives of everybody working on them – from CRAs, research sites, and even the global teams so they have better oversight on these important trials."

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