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February 3, 2023

The Unique Challenges of Phase 1 Oncology Trials - Dan Otap and Jenn Weinberg

      Dan Otap

      Dan Otap

      Principal, Alliance & Partnerships Lead at Genentech

      Jenn Weinberg

      Jenn Weinberg

      Industry Expert & Oncology Strategist


    Phase I oncology trials play a crucial role in drug development, yet they are extremely challenging for sites. To discuss this in greater detail, we’re joined by Dan Otap, principal, alliance and partnerships lead at Genentech, and Jenn Weinberg, a veteran in oncology clinical trials. During the podcast, they delve into why early-stage oncology trials are so complex and ways to ease the burden on sites.

    “There's a level of safety and concern and risk that separates and creates a very distinct space when you're talking about early phase oncology. The fact that these patients that become brave participants on these trials are immunocompromised, severely sick, heavily pre-treated – you have a scenario fraught with potential complications.”

    As Dan discusses in the podcast, the Society for Clinical Research (SCRS) has recently launched a white paper on best practices to build out Phase I units in institutions.

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