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Remove the Go-Between: Hear Directly from Your Sites

Is study feedback integrated within your communication strategy?

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Give Sites a Voice

What Do Your Sites Have to Say?

Communication should be a two-way street. However, traditional approaches to surveying your sites are slow and time consuming, limiting the potential to make decisions based on feedback. With Teckro, repeatable surveys are part of an integrated communication toolkit.

Simple to compose and easy to select your audience, now you have the power to quickly survey sites to get direct input when you need it. Push notifications alert your audience to the survey, increasing response rates. Analyze responses using dynamic filters in an intuitive centralized dashboard.

What Do Your Sites Have to Say?

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Study teams must embrace innovative approaches to meaningfully connect with and support the investigators and site staff on the frontline of their clinical trials. Many study teams are already transforming their site engagement using an integrated, digital-first approach you can only unlock with Teckro.

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