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Patients win when sites, sponsors and monitors work together.

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Clinical Trial Sponsors

Meet Study Goals Faster as Sponsor of Choice

Sponsors gain actionable insights into trial conduct to address risk and meet your study goals proactively. Break down traditional communication barriers. Provide timely, relevant guidance and expert support directly to sites.

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For users

Stay Top of Mind

Engage sites with targeted messages to the right people at the right time. Message templates and instant access to study staff contact lists reduce time and effort to communicate.

For users

Collaborate at Speed

Digital. Mobile. At the point of care. Interconnected teams deliver site support through a secure, dedicated channel for high-fidelity answers in seconds – not hours or days later.


Know Your Study

Gain oversight into which sites are engaged with your study and what queries they have. Track whether communications are being read – or not. Use surveys to get direct site feedback.Β 

Clinical trials operating at lightspeed

Get report

We use Teckro to drive the recruitment that we need and make sure that our recruitment will be met on time.

Global Study Manager

Clinical Research Staff & Investigators

Peace of Mind With Answers in Your Pocket

Research staff and investigators have critical study answers anytime, anywhere. Interconnect your digital protocol with secure communication channels in a simple mobile app. Enable the best-informed decisions at the point of care.

Research staff and investigators

Simplify Your Day Job

No more paper. No more portals. Your approved study resources plus quick links, clarifications, videos, visit details and more. One app, all protocols - directly from your mobile device.

The Right Version in Hand

Always the Right Version

Access the right protocol version approved for your site. Amendments assigned to you in a digital instant. Easily search all available study resources for the answers you need, in a tap.

Dedicated study experts

Experts Within Reach

Never wonder who to call again with study contacts at your fingertips. Dedicated groups of experts available to guide and clarify, for informed patient decisions at the point of care.Β 

Revolutionizing the CRC day job


It’s rare that I would speak to a sponsor as a coordinator, but it is imperative that sponsors get site feedback. Teckro allows sites to communicate in a way that they previously wouldn't have been able to, meaning sponsors can become aware of the real issues sites are having.

Grayson Scott

Grayson Scott

Site Supervisor at Centricity Research

Study Monitors

Cut Through the Noise with a Mobile Study HQ

Study monitors and CRAs have one place for study information and communication channels to simplify site support, even on the-go. Oversight without the bottleneck, monitors gain time for essential study tasks.

Study monitors and CRAs using Teckro app
Push notes

Keep Up with Changes

User changes. Document changes. Site changes. Simplify study management and stay ahead. Avoid missing updates with push notifications that cut through the avalanche of emails and calls.


Streamline Communication

Consolidate site-sponsor communication. Less switchboard running and more study monitoring, helping support data integrity. Gain oversight and eliminate manual routing.

No More Protocol Deviations

Avert Deviations

Assign protocol amendments in a tap. Have confidence your sites are using the right version. Use feedback for an informed approach on which sites you should focus on supporting.

Collaboration made simple - stop herding cats


I believe that if all studies had Teckro, sites would show a better adherence to study protocols as they often make mistakes just for not having the necessary documents with them.


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