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Sleeping Giants: Awaken the Potential of Your Study Sites

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This webinar event was first broadcast in February 2024

What if you could encourage continued progress at top-performing sites while also turning around those with low activity?

In the next webinar in our Site Engagement series, we share how to move beyond a one-dimensional view of site performance and use data-driven engagement initiatives to transform the fate of non-recruiting sites. Reliably quantified leading indicators of site engagement unlock a powerful second dimension for performance measurement, allowing sponsor study teams to reimagine and scale their definition of trial success.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Why site engagement is the primary performance metric to catalyze study progress
  • How centralizing the right data and tools helps you deliver targeted impact everywhere
  • Top-performer outcomes from sponsors already using Teckro’s Site Engagement Framework

Your dormant sites are a game-changer. Explore how your team can leverage our unique framework of strategy, data and best practices to drive recurring site engagement and clear the way to the study outcomes you need.

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