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Mastering Site Engagement

Teckro is the only data-rich technology solution driving clinical trial success through measurably enhanced site engagement

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The Most Important Metric You're Not Tracking

Site engagement is a primary gauge of current and projected performance against traditional study outcome metrics. By easing friction and increasing visibility, we equip sponsor study teams with the tools, practices and expertise they need to deliver an informed program of targeted site support - nurturing recurring engagement for accelerated progress towards study goals.

On this page you can explore a wealth of resources. Download our Communications Playbook to discover best practices for optimized site outreach, and use our unique Assessment Tool to score your performance against quantified leading indicators of site engagement.

You can also catch up on previous sessions from our ongoing webinar series to learn more about the fundamentals of Teckro's proven Site Engagement Framework and how your team can leverage it for next-level success.

Webinar Series

Site Engagement is Only Measurable on Teckro

We’ve collected years of site activity and study interaction data to quantify the leading indicators of site engagement. Across this webinar series, we define the strategies and principles that are proven to provide short, long and rolling-term beneficial outcomes for your trial.


Catch and Keep Site Attention

Communications are a fundamental lever for driving site engagement. Leading study teams embracing best practices to retain the coveted “top of mind” position with their sites are already seeing the impact on study progress. Learn how to replicate their success on your study.

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Achieve Best-in-Class Results

Quantified leading indicators of site engagement can be leveraged to improve performance and maximize study success - and we've got the receipts. Learn how to benchmark your site engagement and proactively measure an iterative approach for continuous improvement.


Catalyze Site Activity

Leverage Data-Rich Strategies

Teckro’s comprehensive Site Engagement Framework integrates data with purpose-built tools, field-tested practices and tailored expert guidance to quantifiably enhance site engagement. Missed this webinar? Submit your email to request a 1:1 rerun of the session.


Assessment Tool

Evaluate your performance against the metrics that matter

We’ve built a unique, proprietary assessment tool to score your site engagement performance against quantified leading indicators of site engagement and provide actionable insights to optimize the success of your clinical trial.


Transform Your Site Engagement

Powered by years of site activity and study interaction data, this assessment will guide you through a series of questions to score your site engagement. You'll get a detailed report explaining your score, as well as tailored recommendations from our experts on how to proactively improve over time.


Communications Playbook

Are You Expecting Site Engagement Without Being Engaging?

Apply communications best practices to build enduring site engagement - this playbook addresses common stumbling blocks hindering engagement on your study and outlines how meaningful site relationships are the key to overcoming them, alongside actionable steps to implement an impactful strategy.

Make Immediate, Impactful Change

Master the Fundamentals of Best-Practice Communications

The best time to implement communication best practices is at the start of your clinical trial. The second-best time is now.

Designed for study teams ready to revolutionize their approach to site engagement, this playbook caters to those who want to keep pace and build enduring relationships with a workforce that is increasingly burdened and more in need of support than ever.

Discover practical steps to building authentic site engagement for collective progress towards study goals and enhanced trial performance.


Get Expert Advice

We know it’s challenging to nurture and retain highly engaged, high-performing sites. Teckro provides sponsor study teams with best practice strategies and digitally interconnected tools to increase engagement and enhance study outcomes. Book a meeting with our experts today to discover how Teckro's unique framework will power accelerated progress for your trial.

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