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March 24, 2022

Why Pediatric Clinical Trials Need to Grow Up - Cindy Jackson

      Cindy Jackson

      Cindy Jackson

      COO at Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials for Children


    This week, Cindy Jackson, chief operating officer at the Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials in Children discusses the complex topic of pediatric drug development. From misunderstandings in designing clinical trials to the problem of "lag time" where children don’t get access to treatments as quickly as adults, Cindy explains why the situation is unacceptable. As a champion for children's drug development, she outlines how things can change, starting with clinical trial referrals as an automatic part of children's patient care.

    "This long lag time between adult approval and pediatric approval in the same indication can be upwards of a decade or even longer, and I find this statistic really sad."

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