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September 8, 2022

What if Biopharma Thought “Collaborate First”? - Virginia Nido

      Virginia Nido

      Virginia Nido

      Global Head of Industry Collaborations at Roche


    What if biopharma companies worked together to improve clinical trials for everyone? This is the vision of Virginia Nido – Roche’s global head of industry collaboration. During this episode, Virginia explains how pre-competitive collaboration can address systemic challenges common to the industry and how to persuade big pharma companies to work together.

    “So, many of the collaborations that we participate in – as Roche and Genentech – are looking at things that we've always wanted to fix, sort of very basic things, like, 'Why do we collect investigator new information in 100 different ways?' Why can't we just all do that in the same way?”

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