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September 2, 2022

Two Industry Friends On Why Sites Just Need to Be Loved - Bill Taaffe & Brendan Buckley

      Bill Taaffe

      Bill Taaffe

      Chief Strategy Officer at Affinity Health

      Brendan Buckley

      Dr. Brendan Buckley

      Chief Medical Officer


    We hear a lot about clinical trials and inclusion, but there is one group being left out of the conversation: sites. Affinity Health Chief Strategy Officer Bill Taaffe and Teckro’s very own Brendan Buckley share what’s really going on with sites.

    As a founding member of ICON who now works for a site, Bill shares his surprise at how little sites have input into clinical trial design and operations. The old friends cover a range of topics, including a site view on decentralized trials, site technology burden, and reimagining the CRA role.

    “The sites are excluded from all discussions on trial designs and technology being used. And it's mind boggling.”

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