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November 5, 2021

There's an App for That! How "Intuitive" Tech Is Helping Site Staff Thrive - Lydia Beaudette

      Lydia Beaudette

      Lydia Beaudette

      Manager of Growth at LMC Manna Research


    Less is more when it comes to sites, especially considering the list of technology staff are expected to use throughout a clinical trial. From the idea of power users to a bottom-up approach, Lydia Beaudette, manager of growth at LMC Manna Research, discusses her role in implementing new technologies for large site networks against the backdrop of COVID-19 as well as what’s essential evaluating solution partners.

    “If you can get the right fit from the beginning, it can make for a much smoother process. Any technology that can be used intuitively and require minimal training is ideal.”

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