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April 20, 2023

Planting for the Planet: Exploring the Intersection Between Clinical Research and Reforestation

      Photo of Karl McGrory

      Karl McGrory

      Director, Europe at One Tree Planted


    This episode we have something a little bit different as we talk with Karl McGrory, director of Europe at One Tree Planted. As an international nonprofit focused on reforestation, One Tree Planted has garnered widespread support from many sectors, including the pharmaceutical industry. Teckro has partnered with One Tree Planted and contributed to a project in Ireland, home to our HQ. Karl talks about Ireland’s significant deforestation over the centuries and upcoming projects they have around the world.

    “There's an old folklore that said a squirrel could travel from the south of Ireland to the northern tip without touching the ground. That's how forested it was. So, it really is important that we restore some of the trees to that landscape.”

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