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November 5, 2021

Leaving the Airport Behind Post-Pandemic. A Day in the Life of a CRA - Maria Milas

      Maria Milas

      Maria Milas

      Industry Expert & Former CRA


    As COVID-19 grounded flights and changed how clinical trials operated, clinical research associates discovered that their role was rapidly changing in the new digital environment. Teckro’s Maria Milas gives her insights into a "day in the life" as a CRA, both pre and post-pandemic.

    Maria's journey takes us through airports, bustling Spanish hospitals, offices filled with paper protocols and the hunt for WiFi in coffee shops – all through the lens of the digital transformation of clinical trials.

    Join us as she describes the principal investigator who went from stressed to relieved after finding her protocol through Teckro, and how technology enabled her to see missing lab kit for tests, and even whether a patient had taken their medication – remotely.

    "The obvious question was ‘do you have Teckro on your phone?’ You can see on someone’s face when they go from intense stress to complete relief. That was her face when she realized she had Teckro."

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