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March 16, 2022

How Community-Based Research Sites Are Revolutionizing the Patient/Physician Relationship - Courtney Alexander

      Courtney Alexander

      Courtney Alexander

      Senior Operations Manager at Centricity Research


    For some physicians, the intense workload and pressures of clinical trial settings can become overwhelming. This week, Courtney Alexander, site supervisor, contract and budget manager at Centricity Research, explains how community-based research sites support physicians by freeing up time so they can focus on the most important part of clinical trials: the patient. During this podcast, Courtney touches on the crucial role of the coordinator to help physicians with “growing pains,” how Centricity's patient-centric approach helps sites meet key metrics like enrollment goals, and how community-based sites are increasing access to clinical trials for all.

    "Everybody should have access to clinical trials – everybody. And everyone should know that clinical research is not a last option."

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