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January 7, 2022

From Personalized Medicine to the Spirit of Collaboration - Why Teckro's Excited About 2022

      Malia Lewin

      Malia Lewin

      Life Sciences Strategy Leader

      Sonia Araujo

      Sonia Araujo

      Life Sciences Expert

      Photo of Kelly Brown

      Kelly Brown


    In Totally Clinical’s first podcast of 2022, an all-female star lineup from Teckro’s leadership team discuss what they’re excited about in the year ahead. They talk about encouraging the spirit of collaboration among sites, and the appeal of a hybrid approach to trials. They also delve into the future of personalized medicine and the post-COVID landscape for conferences. Sounds like 2022 will be a bumper year!

    "I'm interested to see how we define what a hybrid model is. It seems to be emerging as the preferred choice, so that things do not operate in the traditional way or don't go fully to a decentralized model, but somewhere in the middle." – Malian Lewin, Teckro Global Head of Strategy

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