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December 6, 2021

A Balancing Act. Why We All “Prosper” from Gender Balance in Clinical Trials - Brendan Buckley

      Brendan Buckley

      Dr. Brendan Buckley

      Chief Medical Officer


    This week, Teckro’s Chief Medical Officer Brendan Buckley joins us to discuss learnings from the Prosper clinical trial of the 1990s. Radical for the time, the trial – which looked at the effect of statins on a patient population over 70 years of age – was balanced so the number of women in the trial represented the number of women in the population in that age group.

    Brendan, principal investigator of the Prosper study, reflects on the unique, decentralized nature of the trial as it was run from local physician offices. He also gives tips on how investigators today can “think beyond pragmatism” – especially when it comes to big Phase III trials.

    "At the design stage of a trial, we have to ask the immediate first questions: Does the population represent what the average doctor is going to see? And does it include representation of women as they appear as a proportion of the population generally?”

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