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November 14, 2022

Aligning for Enrollment Success

How a Top 10 sponsor supports study sites for fast, accurate decisions

    In clinical trials, "first subject in" is an important milestone. With paper protocols or paper-like PDF documents locked away in portals, point of care study answers are out of reach. Busy, overwhelmed study monitors means delayed responses to urgent screening questions.

    When answers take hours or more, the potential study participant is long gone and enrollment opportunities are missed.

    Read how this Top 10 pharma sponsor:

    • Keeps their site staff informed, and importantly - engaged with their study, using Teckro.
    • Provides site staff with fast expert answers for crucial decisions, supporting successful enrollment of their first patient.
    • Maintains oversight of communication impact and site engagement, facilitating continuous improvement of site outreach.
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    Teckro customer story aligning for enrollment success

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