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January 19, 2022

Champions for Sites: Teckro Teams up with SCRS as a Global Impact Partner

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      Silvina Baudino

      Silvina Baudino

      Industry Expert & Site Advocate


    Working in clinical research for more than 20 years, I’ve seen how innovative site-centric delivery models and strategies improve quality and accessibility of clinical trials for patients around the world. For me, the COVID-19 pandemic really highlighted the need for modern solutions to help sites improve performance and reduce the administrative burden.

    The global community also saw what happens when everyone is united to achieve a common goal, as was the case to find vaccines and treatments for COVID-19.

    On that point, I’m delighted that Teckro is partnering with the SCRS, the Society of Clinical Research Sites, as a Global Impact Partner. Given my history in clinical research and my years of collaboration with SCRS, I can’t think of two better matched organizations than SCRS and Teckro. Both are committed to site success and both are challenging the status quo to push innovation and creativity in clinical research.


    Take for example the SCRS initiative on diversity and the resulting Diversity Self-Assessment Tool – this aligns very well with Teckro’s commitment to raising awareness and removing barriers to accessibility, inclusion and diversity in clinical trials.

    Working collaboratively, SCRS and Teckro give voice to investigators and research staff so their challenges can be heard, and we can find innovative solutions together.

    Opening New Lines of Communication

    As we know, communication is key. And here, Teckro is doing something unique with the digital clinical trial protocol. We are revolutionizing communication for everyone involved, especially at the point of care. This means all types of sites can thrive – not just large, well-resourced sites and networks.

    The flow of communication among stakeholders is particularly relevant today. As my colleague Kelly Brown noted in her recap blog from the Global Site Solution Summit in October, sites are now looking for sponsors and CROs to take accountability for the time it takes to resolve urgent and non-urgent queries from sites.

    As the frontline for any clinical trial, investigators and research staff should expect answers from qualified study personnel in a timely manner. Response times must go from days to hours or, preferably, minutes. This only happens with purpose-built communication that supports collaboration from the point of care to non-urgent settings.

    Teckro is doing more for sites than just developing simple, easy to use software. Our Totally Clinical industry podcast, launched in November, is giving sites a place where staff and thought leaders can engage with other stakeholders to talk about trends, unmet needs, and innovative approaches to clinical research.

    Empowering Sites Advances Clinical Research

    Sites need to be empowered! Naturally, at Teckro, we call our partner sites “Teckro Powered.” As staff are being asked by sponsors and their own management to adopt more and more technology, we know how important it is to build a two-way communication channel to understand site needs surrounding technology. Think of it this way: more technology is not always better. Too many technologies add significantly to site burden with training time, additional passwords, and new, more complex workflows.

    As a result of the Teckro Powered program, Teckro has learned that the optimal way to reduce site burden is to introduce Teckro early and build awareness of the app before the trial actually begins. Onboarding to the Teckro Powered program happens well in advance, so by the time a new study is rolled out, Teckro is acting as a resource – not a burden.

    It’s no secret that trials are becoming more complex. Sites have to work harder to identify patient populations and manage complex protocols. And yes – like other industries, staff retention is an issue, so anything we can do to empower sites by simplifying and modernizing clinical trials means, in the end, more patients can safely participate in research.

    Like me, with my many years in this industry, SCRS and its partners recognize the difficulties expressed in feedback from stakeholders, physicians, nurses and site staff. We need to hear those voices, which is why I appeared on the SCRS podcast to share how I feel about site advocacy and how we’re making an impact.

    Silvina Baudino

    Silvina Baudino

    Industry Expert & Site Advocate


    Silvina has worked the industry for over 20 years and draws expertise from the Health, Pharma, CRO and Tech sectors. She thrives in cross-functional teams developing site-patient corporate goals and objectives. With the skills needed in establishing partnerships and alliances, Silvina is able to visualize impacts of new technologies for every clinical trial stakeholder.