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January 10, 2023

Press Play: Leveraging the Power of Video in the Clinical Trials Industry

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      Mia Li

      Mia Li

    As a product manager I’m always keen to learn how others in the clinical trials industry are thinking and using technologies to accelerate the scope of clinical trial operation models.

    A few months ago, I wrote about the power of multimedia communication campaigns in clinical trials so, I was really interested to hear what David Grew of PRIMR shared about leveraging video on a recent Totally Clinical podcast episode.

    David is a radiation oncologist who also founded PRIMR, a platform that creates simple illustrated videos to educate patients on cancer and clinical trials. What started as a natural inclination to use basic whiteboard sketches when explaining complex concepts to undergrad medical students, became something David recounts doing for patients he was treating in clinic, particularly during COVID when patients were attending appointments alone.

    The lightbulb moment came when a patient first asked to keep one of David’s “slapdash sketches” to help her relay information to her loved ones about her cancer diagnosis and treatment plan. David realized converting his sketches into video format would help to standardize and scale his visuals as a patient educational experience. When a Principal Investigator friend then asked for patient video content for their clinical trial, PRIMR was born.

    Adapting to Modern Appetites

    With video globally recognized as the leading content format, David is tapping into the current universal affinity with digital media. The pandemic boosted online media consumption by 215% in the US. Forbes reported that 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. An annual report from a video company showed that 73% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by video.

    It’s no wonder then, that digital strategies across many industries now prioritize video content for higher engagement, greater comprehension and overall user satisfaction. And David is reporting fantastic engagement from his patients. Over the last two years, PRIMR has acquired 800 subscribers and clocked up 145,000 views of their content with around 3,000 hours of watch time. Due to the inherent shareability and scalability of video content, David sees it as a powerful engine to amplify awareness and recruitment for trials.

    This made me think of how Teckro is using video to support similar awareness objectives, albeit with a different audience.

    Site Education and Engagement

    We designed a solution that supports multimedia content for research staff on clinical trials, to enhance site engagement. Study teams can deliver site information, guidance and updates in video or podcast format, alongside digitized protocol and study documents.

    In this way – greater clarity and depth of understanding is enabled for important disseminations, and increased attention on study content is likely to translate to greater engagement with the study, keeping it top of mind for sites.


    Multimedia delivery of this kind of information is more likely to both hold interest and improve comprehension of the subject matter. What's more, research staff will be led directly to multimedia content, when they need it. When consuming information they’ve searched for in Teckro or after reviewing the digital protocol or other study resources, research staff benefit from prompts to follow up with associated content – such as related videos or podcasts.

    Interconnected Content and Communication

    With any change to the status quo, even if the change is positive, there are inevitable challenges. David spoke of a “generation gap” and the reticence from some older patients who express a preference for more traditional, non-digital methods of receiving information.

    Another shared challenge was that while they have the content, and analytics suggest it’s highly engaging, PRIMR is currently trying to scope how and when is best to serve that content to be of maximum benefit to users.

    My team has scoped similar considerations in the planning and delivery of multimedia content enablement on Teckro, though our process required a layered approach and dual user group assessment. We considered the needs of the study teams using the feature as well as the needs of site staff who would receive the content through Teckro.

    When it comes to equipping study teams with the best tool for serving study resources to their site staff, Teckro enables an interconnected approach to content and communication. Study team messages can be tailored to specific audiences and sent with buttons that link directly to associated resources. When site staff are viewing those resources, related content suggestions appear below – allowing for a comprehensive review of all relevant information. If they have a question, they can launch a conversation in one tap to connect with a study expert for clarification. This helps boost efficiency, supports protocol compliance, and improves site staff confidence in making critical decisions at the point of care.

    We are seeing a growing interest from customers and users to include the capability for video content. The framework around how that content is then optimally delivered in a single, intuitive place remains a focus for Teckro. The success of multimedia content in other industries is set to continue and I predict many valuable applications for video across the clinical trials industry. I’m looking forward to following David’s ongoing work with PRIMR and will be watching developments with interest!

    Mia Li

    Mia Li