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April 29, 2022

Communication: The Not-So-Secret Secret to Site Engagement

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      Rachel Baldwin

      Associate Product Marketing Manager


    Site staff are clear on the attributes they value most in sponsors, and research over recent years has revealed a central theme among respondents. In fact, the secret to site engagement is not really a secret at all, as the sentiment echoed across the top-ranked attributes conveys a collective appeal for effective communication. Those able to deliver this are one step closer to becoming Sponsors of Choice, however only half of sponsors are receiving top marks in these areas.

    Sites Have Spoken

    Research from Tufts CSDD shows that 80% of investigative sites reported a reliance on direct communication via email with the study monitor or clinical team for protocol instructions and reported an average response time of at least 20 minutes. With the average doctor visit at just over 15 minutes, the potential for missed opportunities is clear.

    In 2021, the SCRS Site Landscape Survey found that 42% of site respondents intended to consider query rates and sponsor turnaround time as a key indicator in site performance measures. Recent data from the 2022 CenterWatch Report on site-ranked sponsor attributes supports this.

    Three of the top attributes were:

    • Responsive to inquiries
    • Maintains open communication
    • Staff are easily accessible for escalation of issues and provides timely and appropriate resolution

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    Communicate in a Way Sites Hear

    Sites want mobile, digital communication, accessible when and where they need it, that is also:

    • Relevant: avoid bulk emails hitting overflowing inboxes. Send targeted, timely communication, applicable to their role, location or trial stage

    • Responsive: don’t ask sites to wait hours or days for answers. Accelerate query resolution by giving sites direct access to study experts at the point of care

    • Centralized: manage communication in one place, not across multiple channels. Offer simplicity and security, with notifications for time sensitive updates and guidance

    Deliver, with Teckro

    Our clinical trial solution delivers what sites want and need – efficient, useful communication. The right sites receive the right message at the right time. What’s more, Teckro facilitates a powerful feedback loop – supplying you with valuable front-line perspective and giving your site staff a voice.

    A secure, dedicated channel empowers sites to request clarification or guidance directly from your study experts. Groups configured by topic focus the conversation, accelerating query resolution – which is also measurable. Sites are equipped with the answers they need to make better decisions at the point of care.

    Teckro centralizes communication – no more hunting through portals, emails, and texts. All channels are compliant, and conversations are exportable for inclusion in the TMF and ISF. Push notifications drive site engagement and study teams can track what was sent to whom and when, with open rates to measure message consumption.

    Sponsors of Choice know that targeted, responsive communication allows sites to make informed decisions and take confident action. We work in partnership with all study stakeholders to provide solutions that support greater site-sponsor collaboration, driving efficiencies and optimizing trial outcomes.

    Communicate with precision

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